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Vacation American- The job you save may be your own!

I had an interesting phone call today. A potential guest from Southern California called and asked about what kind of discounts do we have for Saturday night, October 16th. I informed the guest that we were full then, but we discount rooms on Monday to Thursday nights to encourage midweek stays. The potential guest told me, "we just got back from St. Martin's. We dropped over $12,000 in 2 weeks and are trying to save. We're out of vacation days." Wow, they could have stayed here at The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California for almost 2 months for that kind of money.

That got me thinking. Why do so many nudists go overseas and pay for overpriced vacations and not support American or Canadian nudist resorts? America has great nudist resorts. We have many couples from all over the US and Canada vacation with us. Yet, many Americans look upon American nudist resorts as only Saturday night getaways, not vacation destinations. They waste their vacation dollars in Mexico and the Caribbean instead.

Well, I say it's time to start supporting American and Canadian businesses. Especially nudist businesses. According to a USA Today article in March, 2010, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report 20% of hotel workers have have been laid off in this recession. And I bet even more since that article came out.

Vacationing in the US and Canada is one way you can reinvest money in our countries. The US and Canada are so closely tied economically. We are the worlds largest trading partners. Spending vacation dollars in either country benefits both. It is estimated that for every $100 spent at a local independent business, $68 goes back into the local economies.

When a nudist in the US or Canada vacations in the Caribbean or Mexico especially at a non nudist owned facility NOTHING goes back into promoting nudism. Also NOTHING goes back into supporting the American or Canadian economies. It all goes to foreign governments and employees. It's time to change this!

Here at The Terra Cotta Inn, we're doing OK in this recession as MSNBC reported, we're the best value nudist resort in the western US. Yet, our occupancy rate is still down about 8% from our all time highest occupancy rate in 2008. And we're working harder than ever to stay full. Since we reinvest more money into our resort proportionally than any other nudist resort, we always like a high occupancy rate, so we can keep our rates at great value and improvements high.

I just came across this good article in Sign On San Diego about buying American:

Starting Labor Day, let's buy American

For too long we have turned our heads and closed our eyes while millions of American jobs have been exported overseas. We can’t wait on government to realize what has happened and fix it.

...while economists and politicians argue about the root causes for the economic meltdown and bicker over solutions to getting America back to work, so many of us are left wondering what we can do to help change the situation.

President Obama recently said that the road to real economic recovery starts with three words – “Made in America.” I believe him. Like so many, I was raised believing that the “Made in America” tag was a symbol of national pride, an imprimatur that meant both loyalty and quality...

I am celebrating this Labor Day by setting out to change that.

More and more people are shopping their conscience by seeking out fair trade coffee, organic lettuce or grass-fed beef. It’s too bad we’re not also checking the label to ensure we are buying American-made products to support the value of putting fellow Americans to work. It’s something that has slipped our collective mindset.

...For too long we have turned our heads and closed our eyes while millions of American jobs have been exported overseas. We can’t wait on government to realize what has happened and fix it. It starts with all of us. We all need to make an effort to become economic patriots.

The only way to rebuild a sustainable middle-class economy is to refocus on American jobs...

...we can do any of this, we have to start taking the time to look for the label ourselves...

...Made in America should start in San Diego, and it should start this Labor Day.

For the full article Click here

In the picture above the Terra Cotta Inn hat Mary Clare is wearing is Made in the USA!

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