Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vote Please by Wed 9/15 for Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs Life Magazine's Best of the Best Contest

Palm Springs Life Magazine is again holding their annual Best of The Best
Contest. I just learned about it today. I would love to get your support by voting
for The Terra Cotta Inn as the best boutique hotel this year again.

This is the link to the voting page:

FOLLOW THE Step number 3 instructions on how to vote. Sadly their instructions are
not the easiest to understand.

I really appreciate this! Last year enough people voted that we were picked as
one of the 3 BEST small resorts in all Palm Springs. I hope we are picked again.

It is important that people know that nudist resorts are nice places. So thank
you for your votes.

Also in this economy being named as one of the 3 best small resorts helps our
business. And anything that helps our business, benefits all our guests. We have
kept our rates the same for the last 4 years due to our high occupancy rate. And
we are constantly reinvesting lots of money into making our resort the best
value nudist resort in the whole US. (MSNBC picked us as the best value in NOV).

We were the FIRST of all hotels in Palm Springs to upgrade to a salt water pool and
jacuzzi. We upgraded out poolside cooling system last year so that it is now the most powerful poolside system of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. Last Christmas, we installed 32 inch Sony Flat Screen TV's. All of our fruit is still restaurant grade fruit which means it's ripe and fantastic tasting. That's why you love our strawberries. Restaurant grade fruit is about 3 times the price of grocery store fruit. We have not compromised quality for our guests in this recession.

So please vote for us again this year. We really appreciate it.

Thanks so much,


Call me at 800-786-6938 if you have questions.

Our site is http://sunnyfun.com

Please repost if you like. Thank you.

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