Thursday, September 16, 2010

Truth in Advertising and Lifestyle Resorts

The Terra Cotta Inn is the most mainstream clothing optional resort and spa in the US. We are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time.

In this recession, many nudist resorts are struggling. Some have even converted over to being Lifestyles resorts which are places for people meeting up to swap partners for sex. Some nudist resorts have booked lifestyles weekends.

Here at Terra Cotta Inn, we are proud to not have to go down the road of being just a weekend getaway for people wanting to swap partners for sex. We are a nude sunbathing resort. We refer sex groups elsewhere.

There are NO SECRETS in the nudist industry if you own a nudist resort and talk to your guests. You will always know what other nude businesses are doing if they book lifestyles groups because they piss off nudists and us nudist owners will hear about it or will be sent information about lifestyles parties at other places.

For instance here's a party I just got information about.

"Sept. 18. Swingers VIP White Party. Hosted by SDC and Extreme Lifestyle Events. 9pm-2am. Paradise Lakes Resort. Club Reveal. 2001 Brinson Rd. Lutz, FL 33558.
Click here to see the ad

A common theme for many so called "nudist resorts" especially in Mexico and the Caribbean is Lifestyles takeovers, where a sex group books some rooms at resort, but the resort still books other people during that time period without telling them there is a lifestyles group there.

My advice is ALWAYS ask before booking a nudist resort if there will be a lifestyles group there when you are vacationing at the place. People work very hard for their vacations, and nothing is worse than innocently booking a place and finding out it is not as advertised.

Or only book nudist resorts like ours that refuse to book Lifestyles groups.

So, ask first before booking so your vacation is not ruined.

Tom Mulhall
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allnudist said...

We've had the experience of asking ahead of time, being specific, and still being surprised at what's considered 'acceptable' behavior.

Do know of any website that visits and impartially reviews nudist venues? There's a lot of places, it would be a tough job.

Ok, we'll volunteer!