Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nude poker tournament to be held at Cap D'Agde nudist resort in France

We took a group of guests to Cap D'Agde nudist resort in the south of France maybe 10 years ago. It was lots of fun. Above is a photo of Mary Clare at Cap D'Agde grocery shopping.

I just learned that Cap D'Agde has a legal casino there. I didn't know that.

I always say for nudism to become more popular it has to act more mainstream. Legal gambling is certainly mainstream.

Poker is extremely popular. A nude poker tournament is a great way to show people having fun and enjoying life in the buff. And by the way, it's not strip poker, it is regular poker with around a $200 buy in (depending on the exchange rate).

We ourselves here at The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California have a fun casino night party every year, the first weekend after the New Years eve. It's our most fun party of the year. This year it will be on Saturday January 8th, 2011. We have blackjack, roulette, and craps. Of course being California we don't gamble with real money, it's just for fun. And there is no cost for the party.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations or for more information.

Now is the perfect time for a fun, romantic, unique vacation experience.

Never been to a clothing optional resort before? No problem. We are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time!

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Make the year to finally say good bye to your funny tan lines forever.

We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs.

Don't forget in July and Aug we have our annual room sale on Mon - Thurs of stay 1 night, the 2nd is half priced.

For more information about the Cap D'Agde poker tournament click here

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