Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facebook needs an 18+ policy There's too much stupid censorship

The above topless photo is Patty, our manager at Terra Cotta Inn. This photo was our Facebook resort web page photo for Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa here:

A few months ago this photo was taken down by Facebook warning us that they do not allow nudity, and if we persisted, they would delete our account. Now you see more nudity in spa ads in The Los Angeles Times, etc., but don't try to argue common sense with Facebook. Also I see more nudity on Spa pages in Facebook. But, since those spas are not nudist, it's OK.

A fan of the popular Australian singer Kylie Minogue posted a photo on Facebook. I don't know on what Faacebook page it went on. The photo was taken down for "nudity." Here's the story:

"An innocent picture of singer Kylie Minogue with a teddy bear was censored by Facebook for being 'nude', all because she was holding her microphone near his nether regions. CLICK HERE FOR THE KYLIE MINOGUE TEDDY BEAR PHOTO

From the picture taken on stage at London's G-A-Y club, Minogue, 42, can be seen sporting a big smile on her face as she hugged the oversized bear, the Daily Telegraph reported.

A fan posted the snap on Facebook but the site's censors quickly took it down, explaining, "we do not allow photos that contain nudity"..."

For the full story, Click here

I have only followed Kylie's career a little as I know she is a breast cancer survivor. that changed her life. She's said "I experienced a world of illness and positive attitudes. These experiences contributed to making me a more mature person." She is also a very fun loving person as you can see in the photo.

As you can see, it's a fun photo with NO NUDITY. Facebook needs to have an 18+ rule. Google does with blogspot. This blog shows no frontal nudity, and our sister blog at has frontal nudity and has an 18+ warning. Flickr owned by yahoo has an 18+ section for frontal nudity.

Our Facebook page and my facebook account is set up 18+ as I don't want to have to deal with teenage boys on my Facebook account. So it would be very easy to do.

Facebook, it's time to become an adult instead of a prude. You already have 18+ in effect, let people over 18 post photos like the Kylie Minogue photo and simple nudity photos. It's 2010 not 1910. It's time to act mature towards the human body and adult humor.

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