Sunday, August 29, 2010

Use of the word Nakations is becoming a world wide phenomena

In Australia, on the Australian yahoo site, in their Total Travel section, just had a story about Australian nude beaches and nakations.

AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation has done a fantastic job in promoting the word nakations and in mainstreaming the concept of nude recreation around the world.

Here's the Australian yahoo story:

"Top Aussie Nudist Beaches

Aussie nakation destinations

Those who do bare all on a regular basis proclaim it is a very addictive and liberating experience. If you've ever dreamed of an all-over tan, look no further for all the top clothing optional 'free' beaches all over Australia."

The above photo is of Maslin Beach in Australia.

"Maslin Beach, Adelaide, SA

Australia's first official nude beach

Declared a legal nudist beach in 1975, Maslin Beach is also one of the prettiest beaches in South Australia, surrounded by high cliff walls. The southern end of the beach is the nudist area, and each year this area is host to the Maslin Beach Olympics, with informal competitions including three-legged races and best bum!

For the full story: Click here

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