Friday, August 20, 2010

Should women be allowed to go topless on California Beaches- Take the KTLA TV Poll

America is way behind Europe in giving women the legal right to go topless sunbathing on beaches. There are NO LEGAL topless or nude beaches in California. There are many that have been unofficially nude for years.

Yet, like we have seen with San Onofre beach, if a government bureaucrat has their own personal body issues and is uncomfortable with topless or nude beaches, they will impose their own will on the citizens of California, contrary to the wishes of the populace and waste millions of taxpayers dollars to see that their repressive agenda of shutting down a nude beach is achieved.

This Sunday, August 22nd is National Go Topless Day. It will be celebrated in 9 cities all over America. In honor of this day, KTLA in Los Angeles, the local CW network has a poll"

"Do you think women should be allowed to go topless on California beaches?"

Click here to take the KTLA TV poll.

Please pass on this post so other people can vote. It is important that our governments know that citizens support topless sunbathing.

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Clay said...

Whats the difference in a man going topless and a woman. When will this country realize nudism isn't about sex. I wish everywhere would allow nudity, let alone topless.