Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girlfriend getaways at clothing optional resorts is the perfect vacation choice

Girlfriends getaways are a major travel niche. I just came across a site called Girlcations. To go to this site click here

This site is about a TV show that will be shot in Atlanta all about girlfriend getaways or as they call them girlcations. A fun play on the words nakations, staycations, and obviously vacations.

Many nudists say not enough women vacation at nudist resorts. Marketing for girlfriend getaways is the perfect way to introduce more women to the nude recreation.

Of course a few policies at nudist resorts will have to change. One is you will have to allow women to go just topless sunbathing. Every few weeks we have a few women staying here taking a girlfriend getaway. If they are not repeats, they always go topless sunbathing first. Most of the time after a day they feel comfortable going nude sunbathing and love the freedom of not wearing any clothes. I know though, if we had a mandatory nudity in the pool rule like most nudist resorts, the women would not come here.

They would go to the European sunbathing pools in Vegas instead so they could try just topless sunbathing instead.

Next, you have to have areas and/or resorts without kids. We have found women coming here for girlfriend getaways do not want to be around naked kids. Many women are school teachers and they do NOT want to hang out at nudist resorts where there are kids. Since we don't cater to families, we are the perfect girlfriend getaway destination.

Whenever we vacation in Las Vegas, we see lots of groups of 2-8 women taking girlfriend getaways. Of course they are wearing clothes or swimsuits. Some, but not too many are at the Las Vegas topless pools.

I think girlfriend getaways are a perfect market for some nudist resorts like ours.

And if you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. We are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US.

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Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

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