Saturday, August 8, 2009

Key West - No on nude beach referendum

The Key West City Commissioners wimped out and voted NO for putting a nude beach referendum on their ballot.

Here is the story:

No nude beach question going on October ballot
Commission declines to vote on referendum

...Key West City Commissioners unanimously killed the item at Tuesday's meeting.

Commissioners said the lack of a specific site raised too many questions, calling it premature to begin the process of changing land-use rules to allow for designated "naturist" areas...

... "I actually do support the naturists in their quest to find a place where they can go in comfort, but we have an obligation both to the naturists and to those who don't want to be -- excuse the pun -- exposed to it."

Interim Commissioner Joe Pais, who is filling out the term of Dan Kolhage, reminded commissioners of the long-gone businesses like Naked Lunch and Atlantic Shores and said that naturism may not be the economic draw supporters portray.

"They [the aforementioned businesses] failed. The thousands of people that are going to be here, they're not going to be here," Pais said. "We're not going to trade our businesses for businesses that have already failed"...

City staff is working with commissioners to set up public workshops to discuss the idea of designated naturist beaches. For more information, go to .

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There are some interesting observations made in this story. Commissioner Joe Pais said because 2 nude businesses in Key west failed, a nude beach there would not be successful.

Yet, they ignore the fact that Haulover Beach, in Miami Florida is Miami's most popular nude beach.

Further, if they were to look to our town, Palm Springs, California as an example they would see that in the 15 years that we have been open, 14 nudist places have opened and gone out of business. Most of them were foreclosed upon or filed bankruptcy. Yet, at the same time our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn has the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs.

So their argument that just because Atlantic Shores went out of business (it was poorly run), a nude beach would not be successful is not true. Well run nudist businesses succeed. Poorly run ones go out of business.

Now of course if they analyzed that Key West is one of the rainiest cities in the US and nudists LOVE sunshine, and it would be very hard to convince nudists to go to one of the rainiest cities in America, that would be a valid argument.

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