Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Topless Women protest for the right to bare their breasts like men on National Go topless Day

Sunday was National Go Topless Day. Women in 8 cities protested the inequity of where women have to wear tops in the same places that men can go shirt free. One of the most common areas is at beaches and in parks.

The New York Daily News covered the story, (or should I say uncovered the story):

"Topless women march in Central Park for right to bare breasts

Topless women and and men march along Central Park South to celebrate 'National Go-Topless' Day in Manhattan Sunday afternoon...

The daring display was part of "National Go-Topless Day" - indeed, there is such a thing - and stunned jaded New Yorkers and wide-eyed tourists alike.

"This is unbelievable - and super," said Dalvin Jan, 21, who rents bicycles for a living on Central Park South. "I'm going to tell my wife to join in."

With Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" blaring from speakers and chants of "free your breasts, free your mind," the troupe of bare-breasted women - and their enthusiastic male supporters - paraded their way along Central Park South.

"We're all here for the same reason - to allow women to be free in the park like men,"...

"I'm pretty surprised," said Carolyn Meierjurgen, 49, of New Jersey, who was taking a horse carriage ride in the park. "If they want to do it, let them do it. I couldn't," she admitted...

New York is the only state in the country where women can be topless legally, after a 1992 ruling in the state's highest court. That means any woman can walk around the city at any time with no shirt on...

"It's not about baring your breasts," she said. "But the true meaning is to normalize women's bodies."

Yesterday's protesters noted that is not always the case....

Topless events took place across the country, from Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio...

"It's nice for them," said unfazed Swedish tourist Birgitta Asplin, 58. "It's the human body - nothing more!"

But others said it was all a very bad idea.

"This is extreme liberalism and why America's in decline," shouted one woman, who said she was a doctor but declined to give her name. "It's degrading to women to tell them to expose their breasts publicly."

"I'm not shocked - we're in New York City," said Lindsay Hall, 28, of Maryland. "But speaking from a woman's perspective, I disagree with them. There's something to be said for modesty," she added.

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What some people don't understand is yes the human body is sexual and sexualized. Yet, at the same time, it is just bare skin and has no sexuality. A guy on a beach without a shirt on is just enjoying the sun. Yet, at home in bed with his wife/girlfriend being bare chested can be sexual, or again, he might just be watching TV with his kids and then there is nothing sexual about his not wearing a shirt. The same should be true for women.

People forget. Just 100 years ago, it was considered too sexual for men to go topfree at the beach. Now it is no big deal.

Over 100 years ago women drowned while swimming in full dresses because it was considered immodest to show a female calf.

Female breasts ARE NOT SEXUAL. It is what our society makes of them. Even here in Palm Springs, CA the Agua Caliente women (our local Indian tribe) lived topless until the white missionaries came in the late 1800's and "taught" them that bare female breasts were evil, so they covered up.

When people say bare breasts are sexy, that is true. But then so are bare faces, legs, rear ends, etc. Should women cover up like the Muslims in what Bill Mahr call "bee keeper suits" and only allow women's eyes to peek out?

It is time to chill out. A breast is just a breast. Breasts are only what society make of them.

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