Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alicia Silverstone enjoys swimming nude and gardening nude, but doesn't consider herself a nudist

Alicia Silverstone is a home nudist whether she admits it or not. There are millions of people who enjoy being nude at home, but are too nervous to go to a nudist resort or nude beach.

I always say being nude at home is like watching a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, NBA finals, or World Series alone. Yes, it can be done, but it is way more fun at a party where you meet other sports fans. Being nude is way more fun meeting other people that enjoy being nude too.

Here's a story that was printed in Health Magazine.

“It probably started when I was doing my garden the first time. I’d be out there, and it would be scorching hot, so I would take off all of my clothes and garden. And then I would jump in the pool and swim—and I always get in the pool naked, because why would you want to put on a bathing suit? But I’m not a nudist at all... in my own home, in my garden, [nudity]’s OK.”

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If ever a pretty celebrity like Alicia Silverstone admitted publicly that she was a nudist, nudism would boom. Just like Bridget Bardo popularized topless sunbathing in France in the 1960's, a celebrity Like Alicia could do the same for nudism.

We have celebrities here from time to time. As I become friends with them, I always ask if they would plug nudism. They all say no as they are afraid it might hurt their careers. Strange, it is OK to say you enjoy life nude, but don't admit you are a nudist.

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