Monday, August 10, 2009

The Conservative Orange County Register newspaper says leave nude sunbathers alone

The Orange County Register is a very conservative newspaper. They had an editorial basically telling government to leave nude sunbathers and people who moon passing trains alone. It is very telling that a conservative newspaper that is usually so law and order has to step in and say, government officials, back off.

Here is the story:

"Leave mooners and nudists alone
O.C. governments clamp down on the fun.
An Orange County Register editorial

Southern California still has the international reputation as being a fun-in-the-sun place. The reality has been whittled away by government officials and police agencies that have been cracking down on life's innocent pleasures. The stories abound. Beaches now are mostly smoke-free zones. Don't you dare try to enjoy some wine at the beach on a quiet evening! Cities have tried to get rid of beach fire rings. We heard one story about police staking out a local park July Fourth and ticketing people watching fireworks, given that parks are supposed to be closed after dark.

A couple of recent brouhahas – involving nude beach-goers and people who moon trains – should be viewed in this perspective.

...we have an even harder time understanding why the authorities have such a desire to put a damper on innocent fun. These days, officials fit H.L. Mencken's definition of a Puritan: someone with the haunting fear that somewhere, someone is happy.

Naturists had long enjoyed nude sunbathing at Trail 6 at San Onofre State Beach. They mostly keep to themselves. But state officials, citing complaints from the public, have started to fine them and will begin a full-on crackdown on Labor Day.

..."It's getting to be that you can't have fun anymore," one mooner told the Register. We agree. Yes, rules are needed to restrict destructive behavior. Yes, the government has the right to patrol its own property. Yes, these are relatively minor things in the course of existence. Still, public parks are meant to be enjoyed by the public. The government has simply moved too far in the direction of rule-making and control."

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I think this article hit the nail on the head. So many people are so unhappy with their lives. Especially government officials. The only thing that makes them happy is trying to control others happiness. If someone is having fun, it makes them miserable,so their attitude is lets make the citizens miserable too.

Very sad that government no longer seems to work for us citizens.

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