Thursday, August 27, 2009

And another nudist resort bites the Dust - Just say NO to vacationing at Non Nudist owned places in the Mexico and the Caribbean!

I just wrote that Glen Echo in Ontario, Canada will be closed to nudists as of
Oct 1st due to not finding nudists to buy it.

Last week Paradise Lakes in Tampa, Florida pulled out of AANR, the American Association for nude recreation instead of being suspended. Why? Because they are hosting s racy g-string review hosted by a Penthouse model. They said nudists no longer support them enough.

What's happening to nudism in America and Canada? I have heard from some nudist resort owners that this is one of the worst years they have ever had. They all say, where have nudists gone? (Luckily for us, this will be our 2nd or 3rd best year ever in our 15 years of business. But, I have worked harder than ever marketing our resort). For instance this July was our SECOND best July ever in our 15 years of business.

It seems 2 things are working out here.

First, many nude vacationers in the US and Canada still don't support American and Canadian nudism. Every time you go to Mexico, or Jamaica, or some other Caribbean island and spend a vacation at a non nudist owned resort, that is taking away money that could be reinvested in American and Canadian nudism.

Those big impersonal corporations that overcharge nudists for rooms on "nude sides" instead of prude sides, don't care about nudists. You are just a big stupid dollar sign to them. If they cared, they would charge textiles and nudists the same.

We reinvest about 15% of every dollar we receive from guests. That is one of the highest reinvestment amount percentages of ANY hotel in the US. To us, we want to deliver to nudists the BEST VALUE of any hotel. And we succeed since we are so popular.

Yet, do I want more guests? I sure do! We will probably be around a 78-80% occupancy rate this year, a rate that most hotels in the US would love to have. Yet, we should be close to 100% occupancy. And if Americans and Canadians start supporting nudism more, hopefully we will.

Even some of our repeat guests are not supporting us as much. Last weekend, we had a guest tell us they stayed at a textile resort over in a town by us called Rancho Mirage. They got a "great deal" for a hotel room. They said they got it half off. Rack rate was $259 and they got it for $129. Then they admitted they paid $22/night parking (we're free), a resort fee of $20 something (they forgot the exact amount), $12.95 for wifi (we're free). And they had to pay for breakfast (we're free). And they didn't get free afternoon snacks. Their "bargain" cost way more than our
$169/night. Their $129/night ended up costing around $215/night compared to our bargain of $169.

The guest stayed there for 3 nights. I said to them, "you know, we can use the money much more than that place can. They don't have a salt water pool, they don't have poolside misters and heaters, they don't have free wifi. You should be supporting nudist businesses in this economy instead of big corporations." The response was "oh, I never thought of that."

Nudists need to think. They need to support American and Canadian nudist resorts.

Stop going to non nudist owned places in the Caribbean Mexico. Let the citizens in those countries support their own naked places. Americans and Canadians have been supporting them for way to long to the detriment of nudism at home.

Now if you want to vacation at one of the best clothing optional resorts in the world according to and, then give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938.

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We hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

We hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

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