Sunday, September 6, 2009

Burning Man's photography rules criticized

Burning Man's popularity continues to grow. About 50,000 attend every year. We have had guests attend it and tellus all about it. We would like to go some year, but our resort is always so popular it is hard to getaway.

One of the biggest fears among nudists is having their pictures taken and having them appear on porn sites. Now in my opinion that is nothing compared to a teacher for instance having a nude picture taken appearing at Burning Man or a nude beach, having someone find it and report it to their school district. Many people can still lose their jobs for having nude pictures on the web. Sadly nudists are still discriminated against.

Here's the story:

"Burning Man criticized for rules, says protection needed

Organizers of the popular Burning Man festival are facing criticism for new rules on photography for the clothing-optional event. Organizers claim the rules will protect participants by preventing nude pictures being posted on porn sites.

The annual private art event that runs for seven days always ends with the burning of an effigy, hence the name for the festival...The clothing-optional event has always tried to protect participants from opportunists, and last year Burning Man (BMO) was able to have five sites remove pictures taken at Burning Man. A Burning Man representative said that three of those sites were porn sites. The stance taken by organizers of the festival, which draws about 48,000 people, has been criticized by the U.S. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The EFF works to defend free speech on the internet, to protect individual's privacy and consumer rights...

EFF's position came about after Burning Man organizers announced new rules in August. The rules let the BMO hold the copyright for images that BMO participants might post on social networking sites or third party sites. These rules enable BMO to have sites that fall under the definition remove unapproved images. BMO has responded that it is simply trying to protect participants, who may not want the world to know what they did for their summer holiday..."

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One of the issues here is the expectation of privacy. Burning Man is open to the public like a nude beach. People wander around with cameras. There should be no expectation of privacy there. If you don't want you photo snapped in the nude, don't go to a nude beach or burning man nude.

That is one of the major advantages of nudist resorts. Guest safety. NO ONE walks around with cameras at nudist resorts. Now that sad, many guests want vacation pictures. At our resort, we always accommodate them by taking their pictures. That way they can have nude vacation photos and no cameras are outside.

Bottom line is if you are worried about your job if a nude photo of you appears, don't go to a nude beach or Burning Man.

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