Friday, September 4, 2009

Is the reason more people aren't flying, because it isn't fun anymore? is a great site. It lists the best airfare sales anywhere on the net. They also list "unlisted" sales that airlines may post on their sites for certain routes instead of general airfare sales.

Today on Facebook, airfare watchdog wrote they feel one of the reasons people are not flying more is it is no longer fun to fly. Here is what they wrote:

"Airfarewatchdog: It's our contention that even though fares are pretty reasonable, the reason that airlines aren't getting more people in planes is because flying isn't fun anymore. People are voting with their feet, and putting them on their gas pedal...s."

I have seen this even in or business. We are having more Canadians, Pacific Northwest guests, and midwesterners drive here then ever before. Part of the reason they give is it is such a hassle to fly nowadays.

Now, we still have lots of guests fly here because they want to vacation with us and flying saves the most amount of time. But, I bet one of the reasons the textile chain hotels are suffering low occupancy rates is there never was anything special about staying at a textile hotel, and with the inconvenience of flying, why bother any more.

This is a lesson for nudist resorts. If you don't make your resort fun, people will stop going too! People want fun more than ever especially in this economy.

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Rick said...

I've never particularly enjoyed flying, considering it more of a necessary evil. The worst part of the experience was always the process of getting through airports, not so much the flying itself. With all the security in place now, it's even worse.

Nudist resorts need to reinvent and market themselves as places to have a fun vacation. It takes more than a swimming pool and a volleyball net. They need to offer some value for their customers' dollars.

Tom Mulhall said...

Hi Rick,
I agree. Nudist resorts have to market the FUN portion of nudism. That's why our website is http:// and our 800 number is 800-SUNNYFUN

We have also always been the best value resort of ALL Palm Springs, which is why we have the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs.