Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Nice Story about a Woman's first experience at a nude beach


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Below is a post from a woman writing about her first experience at a nude beach. Like all women, she went from being nervous to really liking it and recommending everyone trying it.

Here's her story:

"10 Traveler’s Tips For Rocking A Nudist Beach

Travelers tend to enjoy ultimate freedom on the road, though jumping the psychological hurdle of experiencing nude beaches can remain a challenge...

..I come from a family where modesty was a virtue, and was shocked when I moved to the Netherlands and found an open approach to public nudity. (I once saw a naked man in Amsterdam, riding his bike to work).

I felt outraged and insulted.

“Never, never in my life will I be naked in public,” I told myself. However, since then, some things have changed.

I became a nudist. My current boyfriend happens to be a nudist and on our first holiday he introduced me to the joy of being naked on the beach.

And I rather liked it.

Being naked on the beach gives you the feeling of being free and in union with nature. And it is rather natural, considering that humans only started to wear clothes 72,000 years ago. For more than half of our existence we have been nudists.

What I noticed at the nudist beaches is that people come in all shapes and forms, and rarely do they resemble Kate Moss. However, being natural with nature is not that easy nowadays. It is still a controversial issue. Some regard public nudity as exhibitionism. Others say that nudity sets a bad example for the children. In most states of the US, for a woman to be topless can result in a fine.

Woman are paradoxically bombarded by glossy magazines with pictures which depict thin, beautiful and mostly naked women. Even if you would like to be a nudist, you might avoid going to a nudist beach for the reason that your body doesn’t correspond to the beauty standard.

But curiously enough, what I noticed at the nudist beaches is that people there in all shapes and forms, and rarely do they resemble Kate Moss. It can be indeed a liberating experience, especially if you have some confidence issues.

I started my nudist experience when I considered myself slightly overweight, and it helped me to realize that human body is beautiful as it is. And I certainly recommend everyone try it at least once.

Here are some tips, which could come quite handy if you are ready to try it

Click here to read the authors 10 nude beach tips

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