Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation trends on Vanity Fair Poll

Vanity Fair along with 60 Minutes came out with a poll about the economy, politicians, twitter, the recession, spending cut backs and more. The whole survey and article is 12 pages long on Vanity Fair's website.

One of the question had to do with cutting vacation spending as in how easy or hard it to to cut vacation spending.

Of the 18-29 year old respondents, 82% said it was not difficult to cut back on vacation spending. Contrasted to only 65% of people age 64+ saying it was not difficult cutting back on vacation spending.

This has a few implications on marketing nudist resorts. One implication is people say it is so hard to get younger people to vacation at nudist resorts. That is true. We are one of the few nudist resorts in the US where our guests are between 21-75 in age. But, I know some of the major reason why are younger people don't have as much money to spend as baby boomers and older guests, and they don't have as much vacation time. So I don't think it is all doom and gloom that younger people don't like to get naked, they just can't afford to and don't have the vacation time. Vacations is one of the first things people scale back on during hard economic times.

The other thing is 65% of older people said it still was not difficult cutting back on vacation spending. For nudist resorts, this means tell new customers what great values it is to vacation at nudist resorts.

Our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn is not only the best value nudist resort in the US, we are also one of the best values of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. True Palm Springs is a more expensive city to be located in because we have the BEST weather of the whole US. We will never be inexpensive like a motel located in the middle of Nebraska for instance, but for being located in a world class resort city such as Palm Springs, we are a fantastic value.

Nudist resorts need to continue to empathize our great values here in the US. Nudist resorts need to continue to get the message out to Americans to stop vacationing at overpriced non nudist owned places in the Caribbean and Mexico. Send the message to new customers to go with value in the good old USA.

Here is the question regarding vacation cutbacks from the survey:

"November 2009 The Vanity Fair/60 Minutes Poll

In this recession, which of the following has been the most difficult thing for you to CUT BACK SPENDING ON?

TOTAL 18–29 30–44 45–64 64+ MEN WOMEN
Dining out 33% 39% 34% 36% 20% 34% 33%
Vacations 27 18 32 26 35 29 25
New clothes 14 23 12 12 8 9 18
Alcohol 4 10 1 4 1 6 2
None of the above 13 6 13 15 22 15 12"

For the full article and survey click here

I'm sorry everyone, I have the above numbers in columns. However, each time I hit publish, blogspot scrunches the numbers together.

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