Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation at a nudist Colony - Top wish on many bucket lists

I have been reading more and more blogs lately that have bucket lists. One of the must do items I see is vacationing at nudist colonies or going to nude beaches. Of course most people use the term nudist colony or nudist colonies instead of nudist resort or nudist resorts which is the correct term.

Here is an example from a blog I just read:

"Today my husband is celebrating another year! This year is extra special because it’s nearing the end of an era. He will be 30 next year.

To celebrate his youthfulness, some family and friends put together a little list of 29 things to do before turning 30. We pose this to him as a challenge and also offer it up as a way to ensure year 29 is a very memorable one. As he accomplishes the items on the list, I will blog about them as well as include photos where possible; so be sure to check back often!

29 “Must Do” Things Before Turning 30 (listed in no particular order)
1. Swing by your knees on a flying trapeze
2. Teach the cat a trick
3. Develop your own cocktail and name it
4. Take a day trip to the local nudist colony...

For the full list Click here

One of the items on this persons bucket list besides going to a nudist colony is "wear a Hawaiian shirt for one day", I do that all the time when I am in public here in Palm Springs. I couldn't imagine not wearing Hawaiian shirts as they are so comfortable.

If you wish to knock off another number on your bucket list by vacationing at the best nudist resort in the US then give us, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call.

Terra Cotta Inn is the most mainstream nudist resort in the US. It is perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time. You will love it here as it is so much fun.

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Above is a photo of Patty our manager at Terra Cotta Inn. The guests all love her and you will too.

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