Monday, September 14, 2009

The Terra Cotta Inn's competition

We have many self employed people that stay at our resort. Naturally, they're always fascinated by our business. One of the questions I always get is what is our biggest competition.

We are in the competition for guests vacation time. We are not a weekend getaway like most nudist parks, clubs, and resorts in the US. We cater to vacationers, which is why our guests come mainly from all over the US, Canada, England, and Australia. People are always amazed to hear that we book more room nights with guests from Washington, than we do guests from Southern California. And the same is true with guests from Canada.

In my opinion, to be successful, you have to deliver value, quality for the price you charge, and you have to be busy. You have to have other guests at your resort as most nudists are social and love to talk with other people.

However, that isn't always true. For instance, one couple said on tripadvisor that they liked their 3 night stay at another bigger nude place in Palm Springs. They wrote "we were litterally [sic] the only ones at the resort, except for a couple of stray cats." They further wrote they "Will definately [sic] go back but will probably wait till the summer season, as we love the heat and fewer crowds."

For instance, they would never be our customer as we are extremely popular and very busy all the time. As an example, we only have 2 empty rooms tomorrow night on Tuesday, where the other place will not be busy. On those rare occasions when people call saying they want to go to a nudist resort where no one else will be around, we always recommend that place. I feel it is better to have the reputation of being the popular place like us.

Our biggest nudist resort competition is non nudist owned places in Mexico and the Caribbean. Places like Couples and Sandals, Breezes, Grand Lido, etc. are our biggest competitors

Here in the western US, we really have no competition except ourselves. We are the only nudist resort that caters to vacationers and is busy 7 days a week. So most nudist couples that book 1-2 week long vacations (and like to talk with other people) always book our resort (unless we are full). Also nudists that want just a few days midweek always book us too.

So here in Palm Springs, our biggest competition is the town of Palm Springs itself. It is a fantastic city. The first time Mary Clare and I vacationed here, we fell in love with it. Mary Clare was born in Tampa, Florida. Her family moved to Chicago when she was young and we met at college.

We had gone to Florida for a few rainy vacations in our early 20's like most Midwesterners who don't know any better thinking Florida was the "sunshine state." Not realizing of course "sunshine state" was only a marketing slogan to convince uneducated people to vacation in Florida, the rainiest state in the nation.

In our mid 20's, we vacationed in Southern California and went to Palm Springs. We fell in love with the town. After we came once to Palm Springs, we never chose Florida again as a vacation choice (we did have to go for some family and business events though).

So what's our biggest competition in Palm Springs? People falling in love with our resort and the town of Palm Springs so much that they buy homes here. Well over 100 couples who used to book 1 and 2 week long vacations with us have now bought 2nd homes in Palm Springs and some have moved here to live and work. Where many guests used to vacation here, now they stay at their homes and come here for day use. That is why I am always marketing our resort.

Palm Springs is a fantastic city to live in and vacation in. Lonely Planet travel guide company listed Palm Springs as one of the worlds 10 cities you had to vacation at in 2008. It even said one of the reasons you had to vacation here was because of our clothing optional resort. Now that was cool.

We are Americans owning an American business. That is why I always say it is time for nudists to stop supporting big foreign owned, non nudist owned resorts and vacation here in the good old USA during this recession. Help our country. Help American nudists.

Now if you want to take a fun vacation, give us a call at The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

We are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time. You don't even have to be a nudist to vacation with us.

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