Sunday, November 29, 2009

Be careful of what you post on the internet, especially on Facebook

First police were arresting teenagers for sexting, now police in Wisconsin did a Facebook sting to find underage drinking.

Here's the story:

"Police conducting Facebook drinking stings

We know Facebook has helped police solve all sorts of crimes, from burglary to vandalism.

But did you know it’s also being used to fight a far more pernicious crime? No, not child sex abuse.

Underage drinking.

Apparently, a college student in Wisconsin accepted a Facebook friend request from a cute girl he didn’t know. Shortly thereafter, he got ticketed for underage drinking on the basis of a picture he’d posted of himself holding a beer–in his own home, no less...

But for Pete’s sake–there has got to be something else these cops could be doing with their time."

For the full story: Click here

This was published in the Maryland Daily record which is a legal oriented paper in Maryland. So I will have to assume the story was checked out instead of this being an urban myth.

I agree with the story, It sure seems like there could be some real crimes police could be investigating.

Now I do not condone underage drinking or drinking and driving. Years ago we were hit head on by a drunk driver who suddenly drifted into oncoming traffic, meaning us. That changed our lives forever by giving us some permanent medical problems.

However, I have to agree with the article, sure seems that there should be more important crimes for the police to be fighting.

Sadly, America is not quite the free society that everyone thinks it is and has its priorities wrong.

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