Thursday, November 19, 2009

Naturist Paramedic bullied at work

I'm always asked a question, why more young people don't admit they are nudists or naturists. This story is a perfect example.

School teachers for instance are terrified that someone will find out as they could lose their jobs. Sadly, nudists are treated the same way as gays were treated 30 years ago.

Here's the story:

"Paramedic 'bullied over naturism'

...A paramedic accused of misconduct was bullied at work because of being a naturist, a hearing has been told...

Colleague Pat Kenworthy told the Health Professions' Council committee that a small group of employees had gossiped about Mrs Armitage's lifestyle.

She told the HPC Mrs Armitage had been the victim of "malicious backstabbing".

Ms Kenworthy told the conduct and competence committee she had worked with Mrs Armitage for 20 years and her behaviour at work was perfectly normal.

Asked what aspect of her lifestyle attracted comment, she replied: "That she is a naturist.

She added that some members of staff questioned whether Mrs Armitage had visited a local sex club...

...She said: "He also made a great number of remarks about my personal life which Mrs Kenworthy has already explained.

"He just seemed to think it was highly amusing and the more upset I got about it the worse he became."

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The only way to counter closed minded people is for more people to come out of the closet nude.

Mary Clare and I are proud to be nudists. We have nude photos all over the web. We tell as many people as possible that we are nudists.

I was just at a the Council of State Governments meeting last week helping to man AANR's booth. We had state legislators from all over the US come to our booth. Some giggled, some snickered, one from Oregon congratulated AANR on working so well with the Oregon Parks department at Rooster Rock nude beach.

Every once in a while we got a "well I don't know about that" type of comment. I immediately always told the person, that I had been elected the president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce that has over 1000 members. If the local business community put their trust in a nudist I think you should too. Every time I said that the reaction was a big "WoW." It opened their eyes that nudists can be normal successful business people.

I hope as many people as possible work up the courage and tell their friends and family that they're nudists or that they enjoy nude recreation. It's the only way to get rid of people wrong ideas about nudism.

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