Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interesting nudist article from 1962

I've always felt that for American nudism to be more accepted by the general public, it has to be competitive with textile resorts in amenities and prices. That's why we have always targeted our resort as affordable luxury.

And when the press does take tours of our place they ALWAYS comment that we are one of the nicest of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. We're proud knowing that nudists get to stay in one of the nicest hotels of all hotels in Palm Springs.

Now on the naturist library blog I found an article basically saying what I've been saying. And it is from 1962!

Here's the article:

We hear and read frequently made statements that "nudism has come out of the woods," but has it?...

...There are still far too many clubs in which even the thinking behind the effort needs to "come out of the woods" before the clubs, themselves, can have any hope of getting out of the woods and away from the all too rustic setting and accommodations offered to the members and potential members. All too often the word "rustic" is being used as a crutch upon which to lean in a defense of what is plainly inadequate facilities.

Nudism has reached the place in its progress toward acceptance when many people are being attracted to it who have no desire to be required to become pioneers at the same time. They have every right to feel that after some thirty years on the American scene, nudism should have something more to offer than a camping area and outdoor sanitary facilities. Yet there is a surprisingly large number of nudist clubs, and we use the words loosely, which offer little more.

Eastern clubs, as well as other clubs attracting members from the larger cities, are in particular need to modernize, to offer these new people to nudism something more than primitive accommodations. It is necessary they be offered something in the line of more modern accommodations and facilities...They have every right to expect such facilities, and, in the main, are perfectly willing to pay for them. They are not willing to pay for them and not receive them...

Norval E. Packwood (1902-81)
ASA Executive Director (1950-61)
(Source: The Nudist Newsletter, No. 130, November, 1962)

For the full article click here

All nudist resorts are ambassadors for nude recreation. If you go to a restaurant and don't like the food, you don't go back to that one restaurant. It doesn't mean you never eat in a restaurant again.

Yet, for first timers, if their first experience is bad, odds are they will never try nude recreation again.

I'm glad many nudist places have upgraded their facilities. That will hope grow nude recreation.

Tom Mulhall
Terra Cotta Inn
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JohnO said...

I collect old Naturist and Nudist magazines and I'm always surprised at the number of "current" issues that are old as the magazines.

"Single Guys"
"Expanding memberships"
"Nudism out of the Woods"
"Rustic vs Full Amenities"
"Sexual Activity as it actually occurs vs perceived by non-nudists"

I even saw one letter that asked where "nudist colony" came from.

Tom Mulhall said...

Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Tom