Thursday, November 12, 2009

US government must be more welcoming to foreign tourists

Probably close to 25% of our business comes from guests who do not live in the US. They are mainly Canadians, Brits, and Australians. Although we do get other Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc.

Canadians say US immigration is pretty good especially since they clear it in Canada. However, all other guests always complain about US immigration, and how they are the most unwelcoming people and how hard it is to travel to the US.

Europeans always say if it wasn't for vacationing at our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa, they would never come back for a vacation in the US again.

This is really sad and it translates into keeping away overseas visitors.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the US. It helps the US balance of trade as tourists spend money in the US. Yet, the federal government makes it so hard for tourists to vacation in America.

A new survey shows interest is up in the US, but travel is not. Here it is:
"New Survey: Interest in America Grows, Fails to Translate into More Visitors

Concerns about ‘Fortress America’ Keeping Overseas Arrivals Down

Travel Industry Calls for Public-Private Solutions to Spur Inbound Travel
New Survey: Interest in America Grows, Fails to Translate into More Visitors

Washington, DC – November 2009 – Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, issued the following statement Friday (November 6) on the Country Brand Index (CBI) released by FutureBrand, in conjunction with Weber Shandwick’s Global Travel & Lifestyle Practice. The index revealed that the United States is the world’s top country brand for the first time in the fifth annual CBI, rising from the third spot in 2008.

“Perceptions of the United States are on the rise - a tribute to President Obama and the people of this great country. But if interest in the United States is growing, then policymakers should ask themselves why it is not resulting in greater overseas travel to our country. According to the Department of Commerce, August was the 10th straight month in which international travel spending in the United States declined. And 2009 will be the eighth straight year in which overseas arrivals fell short of pre-9/11 visitors to our country.

“According to the Country Brand Index report, the United States ranks #1 in brand image but remains in the bottom half of countries for ‘ease of travel’ to and within the country.

... It’s time for an entry process that is the envy of the world in its use of technology and efficient screening. And it’s time to welcome people to our shores by passing the Travel Promotion Act and promoting America as a premier travel destination.

“Our industry can create jobs and strengthen America’s image in the world. The onus is on policymakers to work with this industry, tap into the global demand and welcome millions of new visitors to our great country.”

For the full survey Click here

It is sad, but foreign EVERY guest except for Canadians complain about how hard it is to vacation in the US. And our guests love our resort.

Our government has to wake up and stop destroying the foreign tourism market.

So no matter where in the world you are, you deserve a fun vacation.

We are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time.

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Pete Knight said...

Traveling through LAX was an absolute nightmare. If you pass through Heathrow with onward travel you stay airside and bags are automatically transferred, not so at LA.

I had a 4 hour layover and naively thought I'd be able to browse the airport shops, I was sadly mistaken.

I had to go through full immigration checks, inbound AND outbound for just 4 hours in the USA, also collecting baggage, moving to checkin and security and only just made my connecting flight, what a shambles!

American airports are STILL not set up for the additional security we've come to take for granted in Europe. Ignoring IATA guidelines on internal flight security cost America dearly, and years down the line they still haven't reached IATA standards.