Monday, November 30, 2009

97% of Taxpayers say It was a big waste of money for state to fight San Onofre nude beach

One truism about politics is taxpayers usually have much more common sense then appointed government workers who normally just feed off of the taxpayers backs.

Last year a California parks department director got a bee in her bonnet because San Onofre nude beach was very popular (it had been used as a nude beach for over 30 years) and she wanted it to be shut down. She said thee was high crime there. It was determined that there were 150 documented complaints in a 10 year period or one every 24 days. Plus, the crimes were mainly in the parking lot and not by nudists. Too bad they didn't compare the crime statistics to textile beaches. I bet textile beaches have more complaints filed.

The Orange County register newspaper on 5/30/08 had a poll:

What do you think of the nude beach? Here was the result:

The state should shut it down 287 votes
I'll be heading down to take my clothes off 2854 votes
Doesn't bother me, but I wouldn't do it 535 votes
I've nude sunbathed in Europe, but would hesitate in the U.S. 91 votes
Total Votes: 3767

Only 7.6% of people taking the poll wanted the beach shut down. Click here to see original poll

However, the California state parks department went ahead and wasted $42,000 of taxpayers money getting the San Onofre nude beach shut down. they completely ignored the wishes and desires of the citizens as seen in that poll.

So the Orange Country Register this Nov 25th, 2009 conducted another poll asking readers was it worth wasting (oops they said spending) $42,000 on this fight to shut down the beach. Do you know what? Taxpayers again show common sense. 97% said NO!

Here's the poll results as of when I write this. This poll is still open and people can still vote.

"State spends over $40,000 to fight nudists
Was it worth spending $42,000 on this fight against public nudity?
Yes. I feel the money was well spent. 2 %

No. The state is already cash-strapped. 97 %

Not sure. 1 %

Total Votes: 449"

To see and vote on the poll click here

Too bad our government seems to NEVER listen to the citizens with common sense. They always seem to listen just to extremists. And too bad we can't vot out of office political hacks and appointees.

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