Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good reasons to take a nudist vacation

Last week, Chris Elliott, the MSNBC and National Geographic reporter did an interview on TV on why your next vacation should be a clothing optional vacation. See my blog post and the TV report By Clicking Here

He mentioned our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn as one of the reasons why you should vacation in the nude.

Liz Egger, who wrote the book "The Complete Guide to Nudism and Naturism," had written an article earlier about the "Six Good reasons to take a nudist vacation."

Reason number 6 is very important. Here it is:

Reason #6
Nudist entrepreneurs need our support.

Despite estimates that the world nude travel business is worth some four hundred million USD annually and growing fast, the nudist holiday industry is still a fragile plant that needs encouragement and support. The fine nudist resorts that cater to the nudist holidaymaker today are a far cry from the primitive camps that were available in the not too distant past, and by attracting the new generation of vacationers who demand a certain standard of comfort, are in a large part responsible for the growth of the nude leisure industry. However, quality costs money, and these resorts are businesses, not charities. Unless we continue to support them they'll close, and we'll return to the old clapped out, run down, make-do-and-mend compounds of yesteryear. As the old saying goes, you have to use 'em or lose 'em

For all six reasons click here

This is so, so important. I hear people say "why should I support AANR, they do nothing for me." Well one of the big things they do is public relations. They tell the world how much fun nudism is. Nudist resorts like ours also let people know nudism is mainstream and fun.

If it wasn't for the public relations from nudist resorts and AANR the turnout at nude beaches would be pretty small as people wouldn't know that its fun.

Most nudist places are still just weekend getaways. Part of the reason is they don't have the revenue to improve their resorts and to advertise so they can attract vacationers. People need to vacation at them more.

We have always catered to vacationers. We are popular 7 days a week. However even we need more business. This year we will have dropped from a nudist industry high 81% year round occupancy rate to about a 75% rate. Sadly it is due to so many people losing jobs and or their houses.

Our rates are a bargain, yet, we still find nudists will not support the American nudist industry. They will way overpay to go to places in the Caribbean or Mexico not owned by nudists. Or they will stay at textile hotels thinking they are a "bargain" and not stay at nudist hotels.

The different immigrant groups like Italians, Poles, Chinese, etc. shopped at their fellow countryman's stores to support their communities. It's time for nudists to do the same.

Tom Mulhall
Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California
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