Monday, November 16, 2009

World's fastest nudist baby- The Zappos Ad

Last week, I was at a government convention with Carolyn Hawkins the public relations person at AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation. We were discussing how nudism is becoming more mainstream and who it is harder than ever to get good pr for nudism as it is considered pretty normal now by the press.

Nude recreation week no longer is a big deal with the press. Neither is nude concerts.

The big home run in the nudist pr field this year was the Guinness naked skinny dip.

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Zappos tried using a "nudist" campaign for their shoes and clothes and that just wasn't enough to send it viral on the net.

Here's the story:

"Zappos’ Nudist Viral Campaign: Boon or Bust?

Was the recently completed Zappos viral video campaign an innovative success or a resounding flop? Depends which analyst you ask.

David Halberstam, an eMarketer analyst lauded the campaign, which featured the “World’s Fastest Nudist” running around New York in a fanny pack, for the “captivating videos that worked because people could imagine them being real.”

But Nate Elliott, a Forrester Research analyst, looked at the numbers, calling the campaign “a pretty resounding flop,” because of the low viewer tally. Of the 15 videos in the series, the highest video received only about 23,000 views at YouTube. According to published reports, the entire series received 60,000 YouTube views and 25,000 at the other video sites and blogs where the virals were seeded, including Vimeo,,, Gawker, the Gothamist and the Huffington Post...

The goal of the campaign was to boost visits to the Zappos website, but Manni said he doesn’t have the numbers yet...

“The client asked us to drive traffic to their site for clothing sales, so we developed a viral video campaign and created the world’s fastest nudist, a character the represents the opposite of the offering,” Manni said. “He’s fast, but Zappos is faster than he is and catches him at the end and clothes him.”

He lauded the campaign for its “cute, benign theme, trying to show the nudist on real city streets.” He also praised the low cost look of the videos. They were shot with cell phone and other hand held cameras to create the viral look by Bullet, a production company..."

For the full story and one of the Zappos videos click here

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