Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Make your next vacation Terra Cotta Inn, We're a Bargain

The Terra Cotta Inn was just mentioned on MSNBC as being a bargain vacation resort. Yet, we still find some nudists are fooled by come ons from textile resorts and book textile instead of at our resort.

A couple of weeks ago we had a couple here, their first time, that stayed at a trendy textile hotel in the Palm Springs area. They came to our resort everyday for day use.

I asked why didn't you book there, why didn't you book with us. The guests were members of The Naturist Society, TNS and had been nudists for about 15 years. I was told "Frankly we booked at a textile hotel because it was cheaper. We have to watch our pennies this year."

Now I know we're considered the best value of ALL hotels and resorts in Palm Springs. We can't beat Motel 6 prices, but then there is a world of difference between them and us as far as amenities, quality and true value.

The day use couple told us, where they were staying, it was only $99/night. They said it was on "sale" 50% off and our resort was $149/night and not on "sale." Now I know the place they mentioned. They do the sneaky resort fees and pay for parking and breakfast. And I know their $99/night rooms are really tiny and are a come on to up sell people.

And I know all year long their tiny rooms have been $99/night with the phony 50% off sale. Whereas their rooms that are nice sized rooms like ours are $169/night.

So I said, OK you paid $99 for 7 nights that's $693. They said no, the weekend rate was $139, it's only $99 midweek (I didn't know that). So they paid $813 for the week. They then paid $175 in resort fees, $154 in parking, they spent on average of $30-$40 for breakfast ($6 orange juice and $4 coffee plus tips add up) or about $245. Then they spent $160 on day use fees at our resort for 6 days. All together their $99/night room cost them for a week = $1547 or $221/night. And they had to wear bathing suits in the evening at their hotel to use the jacuzzi which they complained about all week long.

Our weekly rate is $959/couple/week or $137/night or 38% cheaper!!! Plus, we give the guests complimentary snacks in the afternoon. There are NO hidden extras.

People need to look at the overall cost of their vacations, not the come on price.

Sadly this couple told us they never called us or the other nudist places in Palm Springs. they just saw the ad for the $99 50% off and booked there without giving any nudist resort a chance to show what great values we are.

Nudists need to support the nudist organizations like AANR and TNS. And they need to support the nudist industry. I will bet we lost about 3% in occupancy this year from nudists staying at textile hotels with false economies of savings and coming here for day use.

I've always been telling readers that our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa is the best value resort in Palm Springs. And now Chris Elliott of MSNBC agrees by mentioning us. Yes, we are a fantastic value which is one of the reasons why we are so popular.

We are NOT overpriced like the nudist Caribbean and Mexican places owned by non nudists. We are the best value in town

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