Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One out of every four pageviews on the internet are on Facebook

Wow, Facebook is becoming a thousand pound gorilla of web traffic. One out of every 4 pageviews is a facebook pageview. That's BIG!!! More and more businesses are marketing through Facebook. Nudists need to get a better presence there too.

Nudiarist, who writes the best nudism blog showed the amount of traffic that nudists sites get in his blog post here: click here

He rightly commented:

"It's interesting to see how the national organizations fare so poorly when compared to commercial sites like Clothes Free International, blogs like mine, and the social networking sites. It's clear that AANR and TNS have let the Internet get away from them. AANR is trying with their blog and forum, but they are still woefully behind sites that do a much better job."

Here's the article about facebook's popularity:

"I was reading an article the other day that revealed Facebook in the UK accounts for 1 in every 7 pages viewed on the Internet. I thought wow, I knew Facebook was big but did not realize it was that big. Then I wondered what this statistic is in the US..."

In the UK, Facebook accounts for 15% of the total pageviews (or 1 in 7). In the US Facebook accounts for, now get this, 1 in every 4 or 25% of our total pageviews. Unbelievable!

Google on the other hand accounts for only 8% of the total pageviews (or 1 in 12)..."

For the full article click here

Now the article says facebook is more engaging, people play games there like farmville, mafia wars, etc. that use up pageviews. But still facebook is a major heavy weight on the internet.

So how has nudism done on facebook? AANR's site has 820 fans. TNS has 683 fans. Myself, I have 815 friends and The Terra Cotta Inn resort page has 514 fans. Skinbook has 1912 fans, Angye Fox the marketing person at Caliente has 1634 friends, and Cypress Cove has 142 fans.

Those are pretty pathetic numbers for nudism, even for me. My twitter account is almost 2500 followers.

Now maybe it is hard to get fans and friends on facebook and that is why the National nudist organizations have so little. Are people afraid to join as facebook is public and others will see that they are fans of nudism? That could be.

But then twitter is public too where everyone can see who you follow. And I have almost 2500 followers there. And on facebook there is a fan page called Sleeping Naked. It has 147,757 fans. That's right almost 150,000 fans and it is a persons page, not an organization. So obviously not everyone is afraid to say they enjoy doing something naked.

As I said, nudism is pathetic on facebook.

Oh well now that we know, time to do better.

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