Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breasts show packs them in down under in Australia

Women are usually the most nervous about trying nude sunbathing or topless sunbathing. What we have found out is most women don't mind if other people see their bare breasts, they worry about how they compare to others.

They all have seen the airbrushed, enhanced, photo shopped photos in Playboy and think all women look like that, which is 100% not true.

There is no "normal" looking breasts. They are what they are.

There is a show playing in Australia that is all about breast freedom. I sounds hilarious.

Here is the story:

"The best of the breast

Letting it all hang out … Busting Out!

A titillating comedy has audiences swinging in the aisles, writes Clare Morgan.

I AM standing in a packed auditorium, clutching my breasts and jogging on the spot while a lactation consultant, Nurse Hung Low, barks instructions....

More to the point, who knew that mammary manipulation could be so funny?

At first blush, the comedy cabaret Busting Out! sounds like the chicks' version of Puppetry Of The Penis. But where that was merely a collection of occasionally eye-watering dick tricks, Busting Out! is a celebration of womanhood, subverting the idea of perky perfection and reclaiming the breast from its oversexualised context.

Still, it is shocking when Emma Powell and Bev Killick first go topless after a lusty "Show us your tits!" from the audience. What follows is a frequently hilarious show that includes songs, sketches, tricks (the doughnut, the sniffer dog, the baby, the topless barmaid who serves shooters with her hooters), sketches and brilliantly conceived shadow puppetry (Batman will never be the same again) - all shown on a big screen for maximum impact.

Not bad for a show that had its genesis when Powell dashed naked from the shower to answer the phone and heard her left breast slapping against her body. "It was like ooh, the sound of one tit clapping," she says. "Breast applause" became a popular dressing-room trick until Powell, a talented singer who has appeared in numerous musicals and cabaret shows, including a starring role in the touring production of Mamma Mia!...

"People have always said to me 'Write what you know' and breasts have been in my life and an issue for me since I was young," says Powell, who was teased from an early age because of her ample bosom.

The result was D-Cuppetry: Dance Of The D Cups, which premiered at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2006...

She was persuaded to go on stage and, with Louise Steele, first went topless for a five-minute festival preview. "We had no idea how it would go down, so we did have a strong scotch beforehand. But it was great; they loved it."...

"I've never had a problem with nudity at all," she says. "To be in a show where I can be funny, dance a little, sing a little, act a little and get my boobs out, how good is that?"

Powell, by contrast, says she could never have done the show 10 years ago. "I'm actually quite modest by nature. But being late 30s when I started, I thought, 'this is who I am, there's nothing I can do about it'."

...Perhaps it's that empowerment that persuades some audience members to indulge in a little nudity of their own.

"We have had a 70-year-old woman get up and flash her tits," Killick says. "She'd come up on stage for the bra trick [where two women race to remove their bra from under their clothes] and I was telling her to get them out and after a bit of prompting, she did. The place went berserk."

Not surprisingly, audiences are predominantly female, with hen's nights generating a particularly boisterous mood. Says Powell: "The nights when it's 95 per cent women, it goes through the roof. Men love it too but it's just a different energy with women." The pair seem to have hit on a winning formula...

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We are all for anything to make women feel more comfortable about their naked bodies. Anything that counteracts the so called "women's" magazines that make you feel insecure unless you are a size 00 is good.

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