Thursday, September 25, 2008

Experts not always right - Nudist or not

Business Week has an article reminding people to not always blindly follow the advice of experts. When we first opened our nudist resort 13 years ago, many so called nudist experts gave us some advice on how to "successfully" run our resort.

The advice we were given was to cater to weekend business, have a bar, book lots of single guys because they drink a lot and our bar will be our major profit center, sell memberships and only have AANR or TNS members stay at our resort, book families with kids, and more bad advice.

Even non nudist experts gave us bad advice telling us that only Southern Californians vacation in Palm Springs, California so don't waste our marketing efforts trying to attract the out of state or out of country market. Because we ignored them, about 80% of our guests come from out of state or out of country and we are busy 7 nights a week, not just Saturday nights like typical small hotels in Palm Springs. Now small hotels and our hospitality industry is saying palm Springs should target the out of state out of country market.

Luckily, we ignored everything they told us to do and we are the most successful and popular nudist resort with vacationers in the western US.

Here is the story:

"Give Advice That Fits

Small business owners often take advice from well-informed, experienced people. After all, they can be quite compelling, as they seem to know better or to know more. When following such advice backfires, you can find yourself second-guessing your decision to listen in the first place. So when the stakes are high, it’s critical to balance others’ expertise against your own intuition.

Give yourself permission to reject expertise—no matter how remarkable its pedigree—that doesn’t pass that test. By checking advice for a good fit, and acting accordingly, your integrity remains intact."

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