Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going to nude beach and skinny dipping on a popular bloggers bucket list

A survey showed about 25% of Americans have been skinny dipping in mixed company. Many times people are too nervous to try a nude beach or to visit a nudist resort first, so they go skinny dipping at a secluded beach for their first topless or nude sunbathing experience.

There is a pretty popular non nudist blog called that has an Alexa number in the low 50,000's. They just posted a bucket list of things they wanted to do before they had children. One is go skinny dipping and the other is go to a nude beach.

It is interesting that they note these are things they want to do before having kids. I think one of the reasons there aren't a real lot of nudists in their 30's is so many people have kids at that age and they don't want to take them to nudist resorts or nudist campgrounds.

In my opinion one of the bigger reasons nudism has not grown more is that nudist "leaders" insist an making nudism child friendly. If you look at the most popular nudist resorts in the Caribbean, they are all for couples. Our resort is for couples and we are the most popular nudist resort with vacationers in the western US.

This blog shows the thinking of non nudists. And they don't want to go to nude beaches with kids.

Here's the post:

"They say having children changes everything... Responsibility kicks in, compelling you to dedicate a significant portion of your time and attention to the best interests of the little ones. Combine this with the obvious physical and lifestyle limitations that come with age and it seems to me that there are several activities to check off the bucket list before settling down to start a family.

Here’s our list of 70 things to do before having children. For us, it’s simply about conquering as many life experiences as possible. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting closer.

40. Go skinny dipping in a large body of water at midnight.
67. Bare all on a nude beach"

For the full list click here

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