Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nude Sunbathing up to 2 hours per day reduces chances of cancer

The President of Italian Dermatology Association says sunbathing up to 2 hours a day reduces cancers and nude sunbathing is even better.

I remember a number of years ago when American dermatologists were saying no sun, it is bad.

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My wife, Mary Clare is a nutritionist educated at the Univ of Illinois. She thought that no sun exposure was crazy as our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D which is a major anti-oxidant from sunshine. Humans evolved over 10's of thousands of years to create Vitamin D. And fortified vitamin D is just not the same as your own natural Vitamin D.

Our bodies evolved over 10's of thousands of years to maximize Vitamin D production. (Of course if you are a creationist, the earth is only 6,000 years old and man co-existed with the dinosaurs. This post is about science, so you can ignore it and go back to hoping that Sarah Palin wins so we get book burnings and creationism exclusively taught in our schools). One of the purposes of an anti-oxidant is to prevent cancer.

Now more and more researchers seems to agree with what nudists already naturally knew. The sun is good for you and protects you from cancer.

Here is the story:

"Sunbathing 'prevents tumours', dermatologist says
Published on the 17-07-2008A leading Italian dermatologist on Wednesday said sunbathing for up to two hours a day could cut the risk of developing certain cancers by up to 50%.

Patrizio Mulas, the president of the Italian Hospital Dermatology Association (Adoi), said people should not be afraid of soaking up rays since exposure to the sun is crucial to the body's generation of Vitamin D.

''The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of the sun, and sometimes an exaggerated fear of developing skin cancer risks doing more harm than good,'' Mulas said.

''Constant exposure for two hours reduces the risk of developing prostate, breast and colon cancer by up to 50%,'' he claimed.

Mulas explained that Vitamin D deficiency dramatically increases the risk of developing the three types of cancer.

A recent study by Boston University researchers in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology backed his claim that Vitamin D is beneficial for warding off prostrate and breast cancers in particular.

''Vitamin D also protects against infectious, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases,'' he added.

Mulas said that the body's need for Vitamin D changes with age, and that while 200-400 units suffice for the under-50s, people over 70 require at least 600 units a day.

''A good diet and exposure to the sun, even just ten minutes' walk a day, will provide 400-600 units of Vitamin D, which is sufficient for a healthy young person,'' he said.

An hour of ''total body'' sun is meanwhile beneficial for post-menopausal women to combat osteoporosis and prevent breast and colon cancers, Mulas said.

...Mulas said people who were unable to soak up the sunshine should make sure their diets were rich in Vitamin-D foods such as eggs, butter, liver and fish rich in Omega-3."

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Did you notice that the the doctor also recommended total body sun exposure.

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