Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nudist cliche part of Ugly Betty TV Show

I have never seen the Ugly Betty TV show. Owning a popular nudist resort, we don't get a lot of spare time to watch TV. However, I do like that the actress America Ferrera is getting a lot of recognition in Hollywood. It is nice to see women who aren't size 00 sticks getting good TV and movie roles.

Anyway, I guess they had the season opener. And of course what happens, Ugly Betty gets an apartment that is a dump overlooking middle aged nudists meaning that having nudists in your apartment complex is a negative instead of a positive.

It would have been nice instead if Ugly Betty's apartment had nudists of all ages which is what real life is, and the conflict could be that they invite her to use the pool with them in the nude. That could have been a very funny conflict for her and put nudism in a positive light, instead of the negative light that they spun. In the last scene they could have showed her jumping into the pool leaving viewers guessing did she go topless or nude or not?

Oh well, at least they didn't do a nudist colony cliche.

Here's the story:

"...Betty also decides that she needs an apartment in the city and is sad when the one she is looking at is leased right before her eyes. She takes one sight unseen from the Realtor who tells her she has another one just like the she is showing today but only upstairs with a sexy view. Of course the apartment is a total wreck and the sexy view is of the nudist middle-aged neighbors. Betty uses her whole savings to get into the apartment and tried to fix the mess on her own but with no luck..."

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