Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eva Mendes - Nudist resorts spokeswoman?

Just imagine how the popularity of nudist resorts would explode if Eva Mendes was a spokeswomen for vacationing at nudist resorts.

Eva, feels very comfortable with nudity. She has constantly said she doesn't understand why Americans are so hung up about the sight of a naked human body and why so many people prefer violence over the beauty nudity.

Part of the problem with the popularity of nudism is it is portrayed in the media as an activity that caters to older people. Andyone who has been to Europe or to our resort, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa, Palm Springs know this isn't true. We have all ages from their 20's to 70's stay at our hotel just like you would find at a regular hotel like a Marriott, etc.

Eva, is sexy and hip. If nudism had a woman like Eva promoting the fun of topless or nude sunbathing, I predict nudism would explode with popularity.

Eva, produced an ad for Calvin Klein perfumes which was banned on TV because it showed for a fraction of a second one of her bare nipples. And we know how evil nipples are in America. You could say Americans are obsessed with nipples. Look at the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Or for instance, look at John Ashcroft, president Bush's first Attorney General. He covered the bare breasts of the statue of justice in Washington, DC. I guess he did that so that when he talked, reporters would know which boob to pay attention to.

The sight of Eva Mendes's must be very evil. The next thing you know, the Surgeon General is going to issue a warning - the sight of Eva Mendes's niples cause blindness.

It must be true, the way everyone wants to ban her new Calvin Klein video where for a fraction of a second you can see Ms. Mendes's bare nipples.

Although the ad was banned by TV, it had been running on YouTube in its entirety for around a month or so. Well it appears google, the parent company that owns Youtube is also afraid of the sight of bare nipples. About a month ago google, they also own, decided to censored all of the popular nudist blogs like this blog. That is why this blog has no pictures showing regular nudist activities. Well I guess the sight of Eva Mendes's bare nipples for even a second is too much for google as they have now banned that Youtube commercial.

First the FCC banned the TV commercial, now Youtube has banned it. What next? Congress passing a law requiring Eva to keep her shirt on for the rest of her life?

Isn't it fun living in a free society like America. You can show as much violence as you like to impressionable little children, but dare to show simple nudity like on NYPD Blue or in this Calvin Klein ad and you have the full force of the government and google coming down against you.

Here is the story:

"Eva Mendes Naked Calvin Klein Commercial Banned (Video)

Eva Mendes naked Calvin Klein commercial got banned on YouTube. Its said to be too naughty for American audiences! Read about it below and see photos and the banned video below.

...Actually, she’s not banned, just her latest Calvin Klein ad got banned. It was taken off YouTube without much of an explanation. Apparently, people complained about an itty-bitty glimpse of a Eva Mendes nipple in the video.

...Of course, the only thing the men watching the video are obsessed with is how the hell they are going to get a screen shot of that nip slip during the video. Hey guys, we’ve got the video here. Watch it all you want. Its just below the jump. Just remember its NSFW."

For the full story and to see the original video click here

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And Eva, if you want to to vacation at our resort and get a nice all over suntan which will be perfect for your acting and modeling career, give us a call too. we would love to meet you. Who knows, you may even love our resort so much, you will tell everyone how much fun you had vacationing at our nudist resort.

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