Saturday, September 27, 2008

Naturist church service cancelled due to threats - How Christian of the bullies

A Dutch naturist group had held a nude church service in June. They wanted to hold another one and promoted it on the web. That's when the crazy Christians decided to slither out from the rocks and threaten the naturists.

I had to go to a Catholic grammar school for 8 years. I remember learning that Adam and Eve where nude in the Garden of Eden until they sinned. Then they were forced out and had to wear clothes.

It seems to me that God was saying that nudity equals purity and clothes equals sin.

Of course the best part is I'll bet anything that the people threatening the naturist Christians consider themselves "good" christians too. I can hear them saying
"Hey Willem, let's go kick some naturist ass. But first we need to pray to god to make sure that we don't to give us the strength to beat them up."

Religious extremists make me sick.

Here is the story:

"Nude church service called off following threats

A group of Dutch nudists called off a special church service to be held in a nudist park after receiving threats, a spokesman for the group said Friday.

In June, the Christian Gan Eden nudists held their first church service at the Flevo-Natuur nudist park in Zeewolde in the eastern Netherlands and planned to hold a second service.

However, the group was hit by numerous emails and phone calls, many of them threatening, the Gan Eden spokesman said. The church service was called off and the group shut its website down.

"I do not understand the fuss," the spokesman said. "We are just a group of Christians who want to have our own church service."

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