Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nude Beach not approved at a New Zealand resort community

The city council at the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand realizes that topless and nude sunbathing is a major tourist draw, has approved nude sunbathing and created a legal nude beach there.

The city council at another resort community, rejected a topless and nude beach. Why, the mayor thinks people look better in bathing suits.

Listen major, your job is not to govern based on your own closed minded views, but what the citizens want. If you were Moslem, I bet you would want everyone to dress up in a Burkini like the picture above.

I for one am tired of politians imposing their own closed minded views thinking that they know best. Hmmm, sort of sounds like the McCain/Palin ticket doesn't it?

Here's the story:

"Sunbathers on Caroline Bay will need to stay covered up

PUBLIC nudity on Caroline Bay will not be an issue this summer.

While togs may soon be optional on the Kapiti Coast, they are definitely required on Caroline Bay, according to the police and Timaru District bylaw.

..Timaru mayor Janie Annear did not believe nude sunbathing would be a drawcard for the city.

Instead of enhancing a Riviera of the South image it was likely to put people off.

Nude bathing was unlikely to be aesthetically pleasing - clothes helped most people look better.

"I've always thought you should leave a lot to the imagination. Reality is never as exciting as illusion."

She said nudity was really a private thing...

Mrs Annear said that in 2007 the council went over the bylaws to consolidate them and decided that togs were appropriate at Caroline Bay.

"We didn't believe the public had the intestinal fortitude to cope with any more."

...Mid-South Canterbury area controller Dave Gaskin was unaware of any complaints of public nudity. If nudity offended, the police would respond.

Former Timaru woman Kaye Hannam is a member of the New Zealand Naturist Federation and editor of its magazine, Gonatural.

...Ms Hannam believed a great acceptance of naturism was healthy and the Kapiti situation indicated that "simple" nudity was not an offence.

Naturism was not about voyeurism or beauty but acceptance of people in their natural state, she said."

The major doesn't think it would be a drawing card. US the US as an example, Haulover nude beach is the most popular beach in Miami. Our resort has the 2nd highest occupancy rate of all hotels in Palm Springs. We also have one of the highest repeat guest rates in the whole travel industry at almost 80% repeat guests. Wholesome nude recreation is very popular.

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