Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Palm Springs vacation recommended by Domino Magazine

Palm Springs, California is the best city to vacation in. We are the sunniest city in the US averaging less then 3 inches of rain a year. When you compare that to Florida, the rainiest state in the nation averaging over 60 inches of rain a year, or Jamaica averaging around 75 inches of rain a year, it is pretty obvious why nudists want to vacation in sunny Palm Springs.

Domino Magazine is going to be doing a story about Palm Springs. Here is their preview:

"Palm Springs Coming Up....

I have to admit that I am rather excited about this next shopping trip. Am off to Palm Springs in September. I know that I have got to stop feeling like I am going on holiday but it just seems like too funny a destination not to get a little excited by. Am anticipating a lot of palm trees, pink drinks, kitsch junk shops and vintage cadillacs. If anyone has any Palm Springs delights to share please do."

For the article click here

Too bad they aren't going to stay at our nudist resort.

There is so much to do in Palm Springs besides nude sunbathing as Domino Magazine points out.

And if you have always wanted to vacation in Palm Springs and try topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

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