Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dear Amy the advice columnist has nudist envy

Many people are "wannabe" nudists. They would love to try nude or topless sunbathing, but are too nervous and afraid to do so. They go thru life like Dear Amy here having nudist envy.

Dear Amy who is an advice columnist was doing a follow up to an earlier letter to her from a woman who needed advice about vacationing at a nudist resort.

Here is the latest letter:

I'm responding to a letter from "Shy Nude." Shy's friends were encouraging her and her husband to join them on a vacation at a nudist resort.

I've never had a "buff" body, but in the'70s, I lived in and participated in a clothing-optional apartment complex in Texas.There were 79 units inhabited by families, couples, single men and single women of assorted sizes, shapes and ages (the oldest was in her 60s, the youngest a newborn). After the first 15 minutes of being nude, it felt like the most natural way to live.

No one pointed, snickered or made any untoward comments to anyone else regarding their physicality. It was a friendly community and the only place I've ever lived where I knew all my neighbors. (If you think about it, how many of your neighbors do you know?)

When I moved back into a regular apartment, I had to be careful not to open my door in the buff, and I could no longer enjoy going to the laundry room, loading the washer with all my clothes and then jumping into the pool.

Not a Buff Buffer

I love the account... in the clothing-optional apartment building...

I also like the thought of taking off all of one's clothes, putting them in the washer and jumping in the pool.

As someone who wears a turtleneck and chinos to the beach, I admit to having nudist-envy, though for a lot of us, public nudity is best considered only in the abstract...

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Reading her response, you can tell Dear Amy really wants to try nude sunbathing and nude swimming. She is obviously just too afraid of the unknown.

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