Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, this nudist blog cracked 50 users via keyword searches

My original nudist blog (NSWF) was receiving from 3,000-4,000 viewers per day due to google keyword searches until it got censored about a month ago.

Google decided all the popular nudist blogs that showed simple nudity needed to be censored with a warning page which meant that they could no longer be found by keyword searches. For instance yesterday, although my original blog had been up over 2 years with over 1000 posts, Zero people found that blog via keyword searches.

I started this blog about a month ago with no pictures showing nudity. Yes, it is weird writing a nudist blog not showing pictures of people enjoying life in the nude, but as readers here know, the US in the last 8 years has lost a lot of our basic freedoms found in the Bill of rights including freedom of press. So I had to change the pictures on this blog to no nudity.

Because this blog does not have nude pics, it passes the google censors. I was so excited, yesterday 50 people for the first time read this blog via google keyword searches.This blog is slowly crawling back up in popularity.

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