Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clothing optional poetry readings

I am all for promoting the clothing optional lifestyle. And I love reading especially in the nude at a pool here in sunny Palm Springs. However, the idea of attending a poetry reading even if it is a clothing optional reading, to me sounds as exciting as watching grass grow. That is why I am happy this is a diverse world, there is something for everyone.

Here is the story from Canada:

"Poets get at the naked truth

They'll expose their emotions -- and themselves -- at fundraiser

As enjoyable as poetry readings are, I've often wondered how we might make them even more soul-stirring.

For me, the answer always was, "Hey, why not have naked poets?"

So you can imagine my intense pleasure on hearing about Poetry in the Raw: Covered. This literary spectacular, happening at the Victoria Event Centre on Sept. 29 at 7:30 p.m., has local poets reading poems -- both theirs and those of others -- sans clothes.

...How does it feel? "Unbelievably empowering," says Peters, whose day job is working as a government public relations officer.

...I didn't want to come off like a crass newspaper guy, but couldn't help asking straight off: Gosh, what's it like to perform poetry while starkers? After all, Peters and Thompson did it last year for the inaugural Poetry in the Raw event.

"Unbelievably empowering," Peters said immediately.

But scary, no?

Peters confessed, in the weeks leading up to last year's nude reading, she was a little worried.

"I'm not gonna lie," she said. "I was practicing in front of my mirror every night for a month. Getting up there naked, doing my piece ... It's a big deal. You suddenly have no defences. The clothes we wear kind of keep us intact. Naked, you can't hide who you are."

Yet how appropriate. After all, don't poets expose their very essences through their work? Why not extend that to their bods? In fact, the motto Peters dreamed up for Poetry in the Raw is "poets baring their souls ... and a whole lot more." When the poet is nude, she said, the body becomes an integral part of the performance...

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The line I like from this article is "Naked, you can't hide who you are." That is so true.

Nudists like saying that everyone is the same when you are nude. That really isn't true. If you are a jerk, you are still a jerk whether you are naked or dressed.

The difference is couples who vacation at nudist resorts are very happy with themselves and their spouses or boy or girlfriends. Insecure and arrogant people can't handle being nude around others. Neither can control freaks or extremely jealous people.

Thus nudism selects for happy people who are happy in their relationships. That is one of the reasons why once most people vacation at a nice nudist resort, they are hooked for life.

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Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

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