Saturday, September 6, 2008

A nice nudist resort story in a local newspaper in Pennsylvania

I have never been to the Penn Sylvan nudist resort. Their local newspaper did a nice story about them. Here it is

"Camp near Reading barely a refuge for 'naturists'

Hidden in woods among the hilly, green farmland of southern Berks County is a place that hundreds of people think of as a sanctuary.

It's a place where they rid themselves of everyday pressures, a place where clothes are shed as easily as stress and anxiety.

PSHS Inc., formerly known as the Penn Sylvan Health Society, is one of the nation's oldest nudist camps...

The camp is at once a microcosm of the outside world and a way to escape it.

Tom, 56, who lives near Pottstown, put it this way: "We have ministers. We have priests. We have moms. We have kids."

While they speak openly about their lifestyle, most members are cautious about giving a reporter their full names or going into detail about their jobs. They don't want co-workers or customers to know about their clothes-free ways.

"They can't fire me over it, but they can ridicule me," said Joe, who lives outside Philadelphia. "They can maybe not promote me."

...She says organizers realize the outside community is conservative, and they are careful about how and where they advertise.

There aren't many neighbors, but those willing to discuss the camp said they don't mind it at all...

"They're regular people," he said. "They just don't wear clothes."

...Regular visitors become friends but often don't know one another's last names.

Nudists, who sometimes call themselves naturists, say they are usually introduced to nudism by someone they know, and that they seek out places where it's OK to be naked.

They stress that nudism is not about sex.

"If you're completely naked, you're not provocative," Tom said. "You're just naked."

Being nude is a way to eliminate social barriers between people.

"There's no Bill Blass swimsuits or cutoff jeans," Rick said. "We're all the same."

People hear about the nudist camp in Berks mostly through word of mouth.

Now they are among about 25 people who live permanently in houses on the grounds.

...Nudists say it's easier for people to be comfortable with their bodies when they see that a lot of other people don't have a perfect body.

There are plenty of sagging breasts and bulging bellies at the camp. Nancy has had a double mastectomy, and another member is an amputee.

"It's a matter of accepting who you are," Robin said.

The camp prides itself on being G-rated, and many members credit Robin for keeping it that way...

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Now the one thing I have learned in being interviewed many times is more often then not, reporters get facts wrong.

The one "fact" I question in this story is where it is written new guests hear of the nudist camp mostly through word of mouth. I have found the internet is the best way to get new guests, and next being PR. Word of mouth in the nudist community is excellent for our resort, but outside of the nudist community, guest rarely tell their friends that they like to go nude sunbathing. Just like this story mentions, they are afraid of ridicule. So word of mouth is terrible outside of nudist resorts.
At least the reporter didn't call it a nudist colony.

If this nudist club does not actively promote itself on the internet and they are representative of many other small nudist campgrounds, it then would be no wonder why so many old fashioned nudist campgrounds are not getting many new members.

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